Role of a montessori teacher

Montessori teachers serve more as guides and assistants than directors of a classroom, allowing the students to direct their learning teachers will perform tasks like preparing activities for students, keeping the classroom stimulating and developmentally appropriate, and guiding students through their day. The montessori teacher and her role: learning more about the method working as a guide and facilitator, the montessori teacher creates a well-prepared montessori environment and an atmosphere of learning and inquisitiveness designed to move students from one activity and level to the next.

A montessori teacher is considered to be a guide, facilitator or a directress her role in teaching montessori students is very distinct and significant in order to have a better understanding of a role of teacher we have two types of art of teaching. The role of a montessori teacher is that of an observer whose ultimate goal is to intervene less and less as the child develops the teacher’s first objective is to prepare and organize the learning environment to meet the needs and interests of the children as well as promote independence.

Maria montessori preferred to use the term directress over teacher the teacher is actually directing the child along his educational journey she directs him in the method of using a material, then leaves him free to explore it again and again.

In a montessori school, the teacher fulfills a very different role than he or she would in a conventional public school in a typical public school classroom, the teacher stands at the front of the room and teaches the same material to all the students at the same pace. However, in a montessori environment, the teachers work with only one or two students at a time while the learning material is provided on the basis of children’s interest if a child is not interested or making an incorrect association, the montessori teacher does not force the child to learn.

Role of a montessori teacher

Called a “directress” by montessori method founder dr maria montessori (back in the day when teachers were mostly women), and sometimes known as a “guide,” the montessori teacher plays many roles as she directs, or guides, her students. The role of the montessori teacher most of us have a fixed mindset of a teacher’s role in a classroom she stands in front of the room and dictates material while the children listen intently.

The montessori teacher ami teachers to work in a montessori environment is very unlike “teaching” in the traditional sense of the word montessori teachers do not teach instead, they guide they observe they create an environment of calm, order, joy they know when to intervene, and above all, they know when to step back.

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Role of a montessori teacher
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